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Katie works as a Real Estate Agent and today she is showing an apartment to Renata and her husband. Renata loves it, but she is shocked when she finds out how much it costs. Katie is confused and explains that Renata’s husband knows the price since the other day when he came round to her office with his sister. Renata is very angry because her husband has no sister so she is going to teach her husband a lesson with a dildo up his ass! FInd the whole movie at GIRLS ABUSE GUYS

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Nicolas is at home watching TV when the maid comes in and starts cleaning. She is sexy and Nicolas touches her ass just when his wife walks into the room. She is upset and tells the maid to go upstairs and fetch her strap-on from the bedroom. Nicolas thinks they will have a threesome but soon he finds out, that his ass is going to get fucked! See all details of this update at GIRLSABUSEGUYS